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Third Party Car Insurance

Third party car insurance ensures that compensation is available in the event of damage caused to someone else's property, including the cost of repairs to another vehicle, and injury caused to any third parties.

Our Standart offers on Third Party Car Insurance include already at a very competitive price:

  • Passengers injury
  • Breakdown Cover
  • Unbraded Replacement windscreen
  • Replacement car in case of breakdown


Fully Comprehensive Car Insurance

Fully comprehensive insurance not only covers damage to third parties but also compensates policy holders for loss or damage to their own vehicle, be it through accident, fire, theft or vandalism. ( optional covers )

This means that if you take out fully comp insurance and are involved in an accident then your insurance company will cover the cost of repair to your vehicle or write it off and pay you the market value minus excess deductions. In some cases insurers will offer a like-for-like replacement to save any disputes concerning the market value of your vehicle.

This is the case even if you are at fault for the accident in question, but be aware that making a claim on a fully comprehensive policy will still affect your no claims bonus unless it is protected.

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