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If you’re travelling, you should take out a travel insurance

Travel insurance is one of the best tools to give you the peace of mind while away from home. Traveling is fun and exciting, but in order for any trip to go smoothly, proper planning is a must. Whether you are traveling for fun, vacation, business, or any other occasion proper planning of travel, lodging, packing, and entertainment can make for a perfect trip.

What would you do?
You're involved in an accident while on a cruise with your family and adequate medical treatment is not available. Who will help arrange and pay for a medical evacuation?

Travel Insurance guarantees the insured person against any accident that might occur anywhere in the world, you'll have valuable coverage that travels with you and your family, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Coverage includes, among others:

Cost of treatment and hospitalization abroad - One of the most important of these insurance coverage.

Death or Permanent Disability

Funeral expenses - the costs of returning the body to our country are included here

Hospitalization Daily Allowance

Baggage - in case of loss, theft, loss or damage

Trip cancellation

Advancement of funds

Legal assistance abroad

etc., etc.

Important aspects to this insurance contract are:

1 - Clear definition of the date of departure and arrival

2 - Narrow where it goes and how (Example: Port /New York / Port of plane)

3 - Covers desired

Remember always carry an insurance card with the number of assistance.

The first step in case of accident is to trigger the insurance call or arrange some one to call for you to this number. If you do not, you may be at risk of the insurer decline the expenses regarding the event.

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