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Liberty Bike insurance cover allows you to enjoy great times outdoors, without worries.

So if you already have or are thinking of buying a bicycle, remember your own safety and get yourself a tailored insurance made to the size of your outdoors adventures. 

The Liberty Bike insurance will help you feel more relaxed and enjoy more and more of your bike.

An insurance plan that is both innovative and comprehensive to protect yourself and your bike.
Offering Free choice of hospital services (private or public) or Network Clinics on Liberty Seguros.



The Liberty Bike insurance is a protection solution for you and your bike composed of two parts, Personal Accidents and Public Liability, which may be complemented by coverage of Transportation.

Personal Accidents + Public Liability
Guarantees you a set of covers, in case of accident, and ensures the payment of legal compensations required for property damage and / or personal injuries caused to third parties unwittingly.
Annual premium €46 



In case of accident or theft during the transport of your bike, Liberty Bike insurance covers the payment of the bike´s value up to a maximum of € 3,000. It will be necessary  to prove the value of the bicycle with an invoice or budget.
The subscription of this cover is subject to case by case analysis by Liberty Seguros.

Annual premium  €30 


                            Personal Accidents + Public liability

Covers  Capital
Death or Permanent Disability  €25.000,00
Treatment and Repatriation Expenses  €4.000,00
Funeral expenses  €2.500,00
Public Liability  €50.000,00


Capital  €3.000,00

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Because the goal is your safety, protect yourself with the Liberty Bike!
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