Why should I get a Family Liability insurance ?


Keep Your Family - and Your Assets - Safe

The Family Liability insurance covers accidental damage caused to others by our

household family and pets, it helps protect you against the financial uncertainty arising from property damage that you or your family may cause to other people.

Imagine what if  entering a  electrical store with your child, he decides to make one of his escapades and tips over a television ... Or your dog decides to attack a person or car on the street ... And why not, one of us adults, in shopping trip, and in a moment of distraction, tip over some art pieces on display ...

Nowadays it is increasingly important to prevent eventualities and small accidents that can be very expensive and slash down our budgets 

Accidents in the context of family responsibility may lead to very high compensation to third parties.

Even if you think that you are is very careful and that nothing can happen, sometimes bad luck knocks at our door ... 

If you have small children, this is the best insurance to cover their mischief's, its just a small distraction on part of the parents for the unexpected to happen

The capital limit of compensation is typically € 25,000 but can go up to € 100,000. The company

pays compensation to victims and is responsible for legal expenses to defend the insured up to your policy limit.

As a reference, this type of insurance premium  varies between 20 € and 50 € of annual premium.
Do not hesitate!  contract a Family Liability insurance and sleep peacefully.