Insurance for Recreational Crafts

A simple, safe and effective insurance solution for those who need to navigate with tranquility.

The Recreational Craft Insurance allows you to enjoy your boat or jetski, minimizing the risks resulting from an accident.

Our insurance will provide cover for most types of pleasure craft including yachts, sailing, powerboats, small motorboats, sportsboats, Jet Skis, Cover for Including collision, fire and theft, legal liabilities for property damage and injuries.

Liability: required by law, assumes the value of damages caused to other people or things;;

Own Damage ( Comprehensive ): covers the total loss of your boat or the cost of repair.

Is the recreational craft insurance required ?

The Liability Insurance is mandatory for owners of pleasure crafts that have at least one motor for propulsion.

This requirement is also extended to the sailing vessels of length greater than 7 m.

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Go to sea documented

Essential documentation to have on board your boat

Documentation of the boat

  • Booklet (with current survey )
  • Seal (vehicle tax)
  • "Farolagem" rate
  • Insurance
  • Station License (if you have VHF)

Your documents

  • Navigator License
  • Radiotelephony Certificate

If towing a boat not forget

Trailer Booklet

  • Title of property ( ownership )
  • Towing insurance
  • On top of all do not forget the "palamenta" (according to the classification of the vessel)



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