Liberty Family Protection


The Liberty Family Protection is a personal accidents insurance which provides protection in case of accident,to you, your spouse and your children until they are 24 years in a maximum of 5 people per household.
Whether it is on vacation, walking, or simply at home, the protection is always present for you and your family.

If you have an accident at home, if your children fall over on there bike, or while on a vacation trip, you can count on
Liberty Family Protection 365 days a year, anywhere in the world.



  • No excess;
  • Very complete range of covers including;
  • Domestic Assistance for housewives full-time
  • Healthcare in Portugal or abroad;
  • Valid on vacation travel, etc...




Options Death or Permanent Disability Treatment Expenses for temporary total disability Temporary Total Disability inpatient hospital Funeral Expenses Assistance Total Annual premium Non-Professional Risk s Total Annual Premium Professional and non Professional Risks
1 15.000 1.500 15/day 1.000 Included 24,36 46,14
2 25.000 2.500 25/day 1.500 Included 35,07 67, 53
3 35.000 3.500 35/day 2.500 Included 46,54 90,46
4 50.000 5.000 50/day 3.000 Included 61,77 121,00
5 70.000 7.000 60/day 4.000 Included 82,04 161,51


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