Domestic Accidents Insurance


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Because we know that accidents can happen to people who work in your home, we offer the solution that ensures the protection of those who provide services to your home, such as maid, gardener or even the driver..



Protect does

who care for your home



The accident insurance for domestic workers, serves to protect you domestic helper against any injuries, accidents or illnesses that may be acquired during the course of their employment, it covers the mandatory employees compensation that all employers in Portugal are required to obtain. Domestic helpers are increasingly becoming vital members of many households, and obtaining a quality, comprehensive, domestic workers insurance policy is the best way to ensure that both you and your domestic helper have the coverage that you require.


Main Covers

Payment of all benefits defined by law for the recovery
of the insured (medical, surgical, pharmaceutical and hospital)
or funeral expenses in case of an accident at work
or on the route from home to work

Eliminate your risks and safeguard legal obligations with a domestic workers insurance policy.


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