As the years pass, we are changing our priorities and our lifestyle. The needs change and new challenges arise. We started to demand more comfort and gain More maturity..

But to what extent the Liberty 50 More gives more comfort?

The Liberty 50 plus is an insurance that allows you to access an extensive set of services in the area of health and Household assistance, whether for medical care, nursing, or help in the tasks of daily life. That is, through a simple phone call has access to various services with More convenience..

Medical care in your home, technical assistance, pet care, comfort Services are just a few examples of what Liberty card 50 +

LIBERTY 50+ - A World of advantages.
Medical care at home

Whenever you need medical advice, just a phone call. If you require an ambulance in an emergency, or if you cannot leave the House, the doctor can go to your meeting and medicines as well.
If you are at home to recover from surgery, or if you cannot go to the hospital to the treatments, the nurse will go to you.

Technical assistance to your Home
What to do when busts a pipe or when washing machine malfunction? The Liberty 50 More sends specialized technicians to resolve the problem.

Assistance for pets
To give More and better assistance for your pets, you can count on home veterinarian, sending medications, emergency transport, among other services.

Comfort services

Make your life easier with the Liberty 50 more. Cleanings, meals, gardening, sending taxi, ironing services, changes, buying trips or tickets to shows are some of the services that make a difference in your day to day.

Network of Doctors and clinics

Liberty 50+ allows you to benefit from the consultations agreed prices, discounts on exams, annual check-up and one line of 12:0 am service per day Can use when you want and whenever More need.